Are you Guilty of watching YouTube more than Reading?

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Knowledge is a Locked Treasure and Reading is the key

The advantages of reading over seeing can never be emphasized enough, because reading is an active process whereas seeing or watching is just a passive process and knowledge is such a treasure that cannot be discovered by just being passive.

Here is the List of some useful career related blogs you can read for improving your knowledge and understanding of the respective domains

  1. Gatemastermind.com is one such blog you should read if you are preparing for GATE exam. This blog is focused on comparative exams.
  2. Girishkumarsare.com is yet another blog especially dedicated to provide information on various branches of engineering. Another useful part of this blog is it is in our national language Hindi.
  3. Physioheals.com has such a powerful tag line “let’s add life to days”, this blog post is a very informative read on the significance of physiotherapy.
  4. Digitalkhilan.com presents a useful read about Digital marketing, Affiliate marketing, Social Marketing and Search engine optimization.
  5. Hemantsolanki.com It is said content is the king, to learn more about content marketing follow the post of hemant.
  6. way2update.in We have always heard about the significance of communication skill, but if you want the communication to be effective, it needs to be Assertive. Here is a very useful article on assertive communication by wy2update.in a must read.
  7. pixelsandperception.com An amazing article you will read here on what do you want, a question that may have struck you many times, even if it has not, still give it a read for some beautiful thoughts woven in beautiful vocabulary.
  8. prenuew.com Here is an wonderful site that has listed 10 different ways make some bugs with your online time, instead of wasting time online invest it judiciously.

Make Reading a Habit and it will Unlock Unknown Unseen Treasures for You

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